Saturday, December 26, 2009

What I got from Father Knitmas....

Season's Greetings!

This year, in addition to the usual non-risky presents (mainly bottles of wine and chocolate truffels), I have also been given some no-calories treats, which reflect my rediscovered passion for all things knitting and crochet:

1. A subscription to Simply Knitting magazine

2. A book on how to crochet flowers, Crochet Bouquet by Suzann Thompson

3. A Cath Kidston flower suitcase with yarn and wooden knitting needles

At my age, the excitement could only be kept under control with a few glasses of red wine and my son's persistent nagging to help him build the Lego sets he was given, which I dutifully did, so I could think about my forthcoming yarn projects whilst building pirate islands and space ships.
Anyway, the colours of the Cath Kidston set would go very nicely with our 50s style kitchen, but what can I make for the kitchen except potholders? I'd love to get your advice. Please do leave a comment with your ideas. Thank you so much.

Wishing you all lots more festive cheer and a wonderful New Year.


  1. Tea/Cofee/Mug Cosy's....An apron for yourself...Dishcloths....curtains....a Rug of some sort??

  2. Hi Silvia,

    thank you for your wonderful ideas! I have already thought of a cafetiere cosy, but mug and tea cosies would be very useful, too. And then of course a lovely 50s style apron! Gosh, maybe I need to buy more wool?

    Now I have to find some pattern ideas - never knitted or crocheted any of these items before.

    Many thanks again for sharing your ideas on my blog.


  3. Mug cosy, tea cosy, cafetiere cosy, pot holders ummm... it appears I've thought of everything that's already been thought of.

    Wait... that means they're good ideas, eh?


  4. Hello Auber Genie & thanks for your comment ;-) Yes, they're all good ideas, and hopefully soon I can show off my creations ;-) Will combine the above with some white yarn, too.




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