Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Jumper that had Children

Ok, it may be a daft title, but when you read on you'll find it makes sense.

This is my first jumper I knitted after a 25 year break. When I saw the choice of colours in the store, I couldn't make up my mind, which one to choose, so I got them all.

Combining all the colours makes this jumper look a little psychedelic, but I enjoy wearing it.

For the first time I added crocheted picot edging to a knitted piece, which is now my favourite type of border (see sleeve detail above).
When you use several colours for one project, you end up with quite a lot of leftover wool, and from this I produced a couple of bags and purses ("the children" of this jumper). This is one I made earlier. I will publish some lovely pics of my latest flower bag in my next post.


  1. I love the idea of a sweater having babies, i thought that was just my stash that did that! Frank is excellent. I think you should put his picture in the side bar so he doesn't get lost as your blog gets bigger

  2. Thank you ;-) Putting Frank's pic into the sidebar (as a sort of mascot - LOL!) is a good idea. Will do that once I've recovered from my bad-day-on-the-web today ;-)



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