Sunday, January 24, 2010

Current Yarn Stash

On Friday I went wild in Hobbycraft. As indicated by the red "clearance" labels on the left pic, there was a sale on, and I just needed to get those bargains.

There's one particular yarn, I would like to recommend: the Sirdar Balmoral. This soft yarn only contains natural fibres - wool, alpaca and silk - and can be washed in the washing machine (on the handwash cycle). I have already used this yarn for my psychedelic jumper, and when I saw other colours in the sale, I couldn't resist. What will they turn into? Not sure yet, but watch this space.


  1. Ooh! Bargains! I love bargains :D

    I can see you're quite a fan of purple ;)

    Don't forget if you're washing silk, make sure you use non-bio! I use non-bio all the time, because I'm sensitive, but biological washing powder can eat away at silk!

  2. Oh I love all shades of purple, red, burgundy...;-)

    I use Ecover Wool detergent, which is very mild and suitable for all delicate fabrics. I remember when I once used regular washing powder for a wool jumper many moons ago...never again!

    Thanks for popping in ;-) x

  3. The purps are brilliant as is Sirdar Balmoral...I love using it and pretending it's a high end yarn!!! It sure could be

  4. Hi Sylvia, yes, I think the Sirdar Balmoral IS a high end yarn but without the designer name ;-) It proves that you don't always have to pay loads to get a good quality yarn with alpaca and silk content. I look forward to using it again and again. Let's hope they won't discontinue it but increase its colour range! x



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