Monday, September 26, 2011

Some Inspiration

Goodbye summer, hello autumn! The perfect time to sit in the lounge on an evening in front of the fire and knit or crochet something...yes...something, long as I can wield a hook or some sticks and produce something useful and/or beautiful with those magic tools. I'm completely rubbish when it comes to following instructions for projects, especially when they're in English with lots of abbreviations, but I love knitting books with inspiring projects just like these:

1. The Spanish Rose Trellis Scarf

2. Fuji Feather Lace Wrap

3. Senorita's Floral Pullover

4. Winter Sun Capelet

Wouldn't the pattern for the capelet not make a lovely cushion cover? If you like these patterns and your knitting skills are advanced, then you might like other projects featured in the book:


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