Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Granny Square Madness...

granny square top
Granny squares - pain is so close to pleasure... 

It's fun to crochet them, but then my patience is severely tested when I have to darn in all those loose ends.

That's why I haven't yet managed to make a granny square blanket, and I'm not sure I ever will...

For this top I just made eight squares and added a wide border with picot edging at the bottom.

The cotton yarn was leftover from other projects, which was just enough for a sleeveless granny square top, which in materials cost me less than a tenner.



  1. I love it...wondering if I could get away with wearing something like that

  2. I'm sure you can Silvia ;) I think a tank top for layering would be very flattering to wear. Also, I've seen some fabulous granny top designs in just one colour, in case you prefer it more muted ;). What about a granny square shrug?



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