Monday, June 14, 2010

Crochet Corset

In my earlier post about the Medieval Corset Belt, I started exploring historical influences in modern fashion, and here you can see continuation of that theme.

I'm starting to realise that you can crochet any type of clothing, and I was surprised how easy it is to create a funky little garment like this medieval style top, which works best over a frilly t-shirt or white blouse.

Of course, you can wear it without anything underneath, but that would be a bit too kinky for me and doesn't comply with medieval standards ;)

The dark colours give this top a gothic feel, but I'm now working on a similar top in a lighter colour and longer length.

The corset has been worked in one piece, front stripy panels have been added before the picot and frill edging finished the garment.

The main crochet stitch used is the double crochet cross stitch, which gives the corset a textured feel.

Yarn used: Sirdar Balmoral, shade 484 (Butler Black) and shade 487 (Windsor Purple)


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