Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gothic Granny Squares

Granny squares don't need to be all prim and proper in pastel colours.

I thought I'd give them a sinister twist for my recent creation, a Tarot reading cloth.

This was a really enjoyable crochet project; so easy to complete whilst watching TV.

Traditional Bohemian (i.e. Eastern European) designs have inspired me to come up with this colour scheme.

Now that it's finished, it would also make a lovely baby blanket for the Addams Family. What do you think?

Yarn: Sirdar Click DK; colours: Black Sheep 138, Fern 132, Blueberry 137. Available online here.

If you would like instructions for the granny square, please check out this page.


  1. Just catching up with the TABI forums (after being a dozy mare and loosing my log in & forgetting to ask xara for it :D ) this is fab!

  2. Thank you ;-) Glad you've caught up with the "real" world - LOL.


  3. I like it :) For your next one, consider a silk yarn for the sheen ? I loves me a bit of glitter :}

  4. Hello Vivianne, must admit I wanted to stick to an inexpensive yarn, as I had no idea how this would turn out ;-)It was my first ever blanket/table cloth with granny squares. Would love to use some lovely silky yarn next. Can you recommend any? If yes, please add a link. Thanks ;-)




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